SETIT CREDIT  is an EXTREMELY powerful tool that...

...reduces interchange erosion threats (Direct Billers, Other Financial Institutions, Merchant ACH), increases interchange revenue, reduces fraud, tracks vendor penetration, and provides members with an easy streamlined way to update expired cards and addresses.



  • Increase Customer Base
  • Reduce Fraud
  • Reduces Loss of Sales
  • Reduce unenrollment 




FIVE (Financial Innovations Voice Experience) enables personal assistant and voice interaction devices, such as Amazon’s ECHO or Cortana by Microsoft for Windows, to act as new banking touch points.

In recent months we have successfully connected the FIVE service to the Amazon Echo platform know as Alexa. This echo banking skill allows you interface with your financial institution by pulling balances, making transfers, retrieving history, receiving loan information and so much more. In addition to the Echo, we are actively working on integrating FIVE with new devices and services everyday.

New devices are starting to penetrate the market at an incredible rate. Soon these devices become part of our everyday lives. With this in mind, the FIVE Service was designed to easily implement new devices as they hit the market.

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